Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) is a leading global, independent infrastructure investor. GIP combines specialist industry experience and industrial best practice operational management.

GIP manages approximately $35 billion for its investors. Additionally, the companies in GIP’s portfolio have combined annual revenues greater than $5 billion, $3.2 billion comes specifically from energy related assets and will generate more than 13 GW of electrical power, in the coming year.


Founded in 2006 by Sr. executives from Credit Suisse and General Electric, GIP employs approximately 21,000 people, including 12 Senior Advisors and a dedicated senior team of 19 operating principals, who contribute daily to maintain and reinforce GIP´s strong reputation as industry leader using best practice management

GIP maintains a clear investment approach that is based on four core components:

  • A Well Resourced Team
  • A Focused Strategy
  • A Dedicated Operational Capability
  • A Strict Investment Discipline


The principal areas of GIP’s investment are the sectors of energy and transport.